Hiring Virtual Assistants (VA) forYour Product Listing

As a reseller, product listing can take hours of your time that would otherwise be used sourcing for more products or having a rest at the end of the day. Hiring an experienced VA ensures your products are listed on all the platforms with zero hours of your time.

The best way to hire VAs

Upwork and Fiverr have done a good job of creating a platform, introducing two random strangers to get them to work together. The challenge is which VA to hire, finding someone who will go deep down a project with you and it is hard to train them well enough because you might have to move on to another person all the time.

For us, we have a team of VAs working 24/7. We take as lightly different approach. It is not just one person that is dedicated, it's a whole team.

How to train them

To train your VAs, you just have to look at all your processes, document them down and train them using those documents and ensure they follow procedure. We have documentation for every single thing that is to be done. They have a manager who makes sure that they are trained properly. The team takes out the errors of an individual. For edge cases, our VAs are trained to understand and find a way to solve the situation.

How to set checks and balances

The VAs should have the key components to check for and have a manager that spot checks the work before it gets published. We have a detailed working system, that helps, for example, in checking if all the images look the same. The advantage of our VAs is that they know everything since they have experience from various customers and they discuss the best practices.When we put our VAs in the market, they are good at product listing.

How we do product listing for customers

The process involves the customer taking an image of brand and model, then a few more pictures of the product showing its exact condition.Our VAs then takes these images, file all the information on them and lists them online for you. We price them out, publish them on eBay and process themas well. We can do 8 to 10 complete listings an hour for any product to be sold online.

An example is for a shoe, you need to do send us the images of the shoebox, send the condition of the box and images of the shoe. The size and the brand are usually on the bottom and the label or tag is often inside the shoe. Send at least 8 photos that can be used to list on e-bay. There are several platforms you can get products at a cheaper price, ship them to you, take photographs and send us to do the listing for you.

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